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About us

TAKO MEDIA is a company that produces TV programmes.

It was established in 2008 on the initiative of Okił Khamidov and Tamara Aagten – Margol.

The creators of TAKO MEDIA have long TV and film-making experience in Poland and abroad. The list of their successes includes many popular and awarded productions.

Tamara Aagten-Margol worked as a producer and director of talk-show entitled Zerwane więzi (Broken Bonds) and such TV quiz shows as Daję słowo (I Give the Word) and Lingo.

As the head of the international department, she marketed lots of licenced programmes and promoted and sold Polish ideas to foreign TV stations.

Okił Khamidov directed such series known in Poland as e.g. Świat według Kiepskich (The World According to the Kiepskis) (the series was twice awarded with “Telekamera” for the best sitcom), Fala zbrodni (The Crime Wave) (the series awarded with “Teleekran” for the best crime series) and Pierwsza miłość (The First Love). He also directed reality shows entitled Dwa światy (Two Worlds) and Bar (its first edition was awarded with “Telekamera” in the category of entertainment) and TV quiz shows entitled Gra w ciemno (Blind Game) and Awantura o kasę (The Cash Battle) (the quiz show was awarded with “Telekamera” in the category of entertainment). In addition, he is also a director of photography in several dozen feature films.

TAKO MEDIA combines brilliant ideas with their production based on long experience, creativity and possibilities of internal cooperation between departments of creation and production. In our company, experienced people manage a team of very young people who have already been successful. In only 6 years, it has completed 14 productions which have been really successful on the air. TAKO MEDIA is a pioneer in the production of documentary-style series in the Polish market such as Dlaczego ja? (Why Me?),Trudne sprawy (Difficult Matters), Pamiętniki z wakacji (Diaries from Holiday) which belongs to the group of such type of programmes which have the largest audience.

We have our own filming and TV equipment with professional crew, which gives us total independence. We can produce any type of programme (TV quiz show, talk-show, sitcom, reality show, series, feature film) and obtain any foreign licence at the client’s request.

We travel throughout the world to provide consultations. We provide trainings for large TV concerns in e.g. Germany, Spain, France, Russia, Ukraine, Australia, Africa and New Zealand.

We are also willing to expand new areas with the use of the Internet, interactive games or competitions which supplement a programme to better reach the target consumer. We have a very good knowledge of television market in Poland and abroad and therefore we can provide appropriate consultancy in the scope of a format satisfactory to our Client. We also assist in creating original programmes which are tailored to our Client’s needs. At present, we aim at production of interesting and innovative projects. Satisfaction and timely completion of an order are our priority regardless of how high the standard is.

We hope that you choose TAKO MEDIA as your business partner!